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About Kate West

Hi! I’m Kate West and I’m running for Mayor of Concord, NH. Thank you for your interest in this campaign! I am a  mom. I have lost my housing in Concord before. I live on the heights across from Keach Park, I ride the bus as my main source of transportation, I am a former member of the Concord school board and I have a long history of advocacy work in NH. I believe these experiences give me a unique perspective that will help me contribute to the creation of policies that pull our community even closer together by helping to provide the necessary resources every single Concord resident deserves in order to be able to succeed.




Concord is home to an incredibly diverse group of people, all with their own experiences, values, abilities, and needs. We can, as one community, benefit greatly from choosing to be intentional when it comes to creating access for everyone to participate in our local government and in our discussions on policies that impact all of us. While this could look like many things to many people, one of the most important factors related to hearing people’s needs is making sure they are able to be in the room to tell you in the first place. This is why I support ensuring our public transportation runs to and during city council meetings, zoom access for those meetings, working to include public comment on any topic at every monthly city council meeting, having translators at those meetings, prioritizing access for folks with physical limitations, and providing stipends for members of the DEIJB committee in Concord so that additional barriers, such as child care for example, can be removed in order for people that historically have been unable to be in the room to tell us how to include them can finally get there.



Currently, Concord is facing a severe shortage of affordable housing options. Compounding this problem is that, once a community member loses their housing, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to preserve the stability necessary to sustain a quality of living that all of our neighbors deserve and to access the resources that could help renew that stability. Along with solutions, such as collaborating with community organizations and developers, addressing zoning policies and practices, and expanding wraparound services; one of the most pressing solutions is community education and engagement. The stigmatized perception of homelessness in our community is a severe barrier to reaching real progress. Our homeless neighbors are valuable, talented, and important members of Concord worthy of our support and investment. When we invest in each other we are able to nurture a strong society with healthy citizens that will then help contribute back to our collective success.



Another opportunity for Concord to grow is in our transportation infrastructure. There are a number of ways in which we can make our transportation system, more accessible, as well as practical, for our community members. One area of focus is our bus system. Concord will benefit from a review of the routes and where stops are located (there is no stop at the green street location where our city council meets), timing (the bus does not run during most of the times our city council meets and it does not run on the weekends), access to benches and coverings at our bus stops (some community members that depend on our bus system do not have the physical ability to stand for extended periods of time). Additionally, our community would benefit from an increased attention to the maintenance and safety analysis of our bike lanes and sidewalks.


Putting My Experience to Work for Concord

As a parent I've become a skilled multitasker and problem solver. I am committed to setting realistic goals, responsibly managing a budget, and meeting the expectations of our community. With years of experience in community organizing and local government, I am ready to help us create more positive change for Concord.

My approach is to come together as a community, listen to all perspectives, and collaborate to create plans that remove barriers and promote progress. Let's work together to make Concord an even more welcoming place to live, work, and raise a family.

I am dedicated to serving the people of Concord and making a real difference in their lives. Whether it's improving schools, providing greater access to public resources, or strengthening our local economy.

Thank you for your support!


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